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Any wine lovers out there?

September 30, 2011

What kinds of wine do you prefer?

I would like to get together with any wine lovers in #CMC11 for a little project in liquid connectivism. My hope is to get together a few people from various regions and countries to do a simultaneous wine tasting.

Wine lovers know that there’s little better in life than sharing a good bottle with friends. For this tasting, we would each bring a bottle that we love and we would tell each other what we enjoy about that particular bottle, where it comes from, what we know about the wine and/or the winery it comes from, the price, how we enjoy drinking it, what we enjoy it with, etc.

The world of wine is a lot like people in that it is so endlessly varied and, as a result, always offers something for us to learn. Wine grapes are now grown in most countries of the world, and the resulting bottlings come in so many different forms. Starting with the wines made from grapes, there are dry reds and sweet whites, sweet reds and dry whites, still and sparkling wines, blended wines and wines made from a single type of grape. We have wines that are grown near us and wines we buy from importers. There are wines that come in long-necked bottles and wines that come in stumpier, rounder bottles (remember Mateus, anyone?). Some are closed with corks, others with twist caps.

I won’t take the space here to go into the wines made with pineapples, dandelions or backyard pears, but if that’s what you  want to bring to the table, please do so.

Differences don’t end there. We could open two bottles from the same vineyard, the same vintage and the same case even and have two totally different experiences, especially if one of the wines happened to be corked. Pouring wines at different temperatures also changes what we taste. A really cold wine can mask some flaws that you’d notice in a warmer wine. A warmer wine could bring out some charming characteristic that receded when too cold.

In Texas, where it’s almost always summer, I drink plenty of rosé, a dry pink wine that is often confused with sweet white zinfandel. The two couldn’t be more different.

I would like at least five people to join in this. We would conduct this tasting over Google+, which lets you see each other, if you have a camera on your computer. We would get together on a weekend in either late October or early November, depending on what works best for you.

There’s an old saying, In vino veritas, or in wine, truth. I’d like to alter that slightly, if I can still conjure some of my freshman high school Latin: In vino amicitia, or in wine, friendship. Hopefully, you’ll raise a glass with me to that.

To reach me, please post a comment on this blog. I won’t run your information, but please make sure I have your email or a way to contact you. Thanks.


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  1. carol yeager permalink

    Have bottle of wine, will travel to google + hangout when date and time are scheduled. I am bringing a Pinot Noir …

  2. vcvaile permalink

    sorry, I can’t access hangout on dial up. Just loading to post an update to stream takes too much time for me to do it often

  3. Aaron permalink

    A fellow wine lover! Wonderful topic and interesting way of connecting people. I’m just in the door and contemplating a glass or three now. My “house” wines are a B&G Vouvray and the Leese-Fitch Cab blend. So inexpensive, but so delicious.

    • I forgot to ask this in the posting, but it would be helpful to know what time zone people are in. I would image you are in EST, right?

  4. Count me in! We had a malbec at our wedding- will have a glass of that.

  5. This is a wonderful idea. Indeed it’s best to drink wine along with your friends, share some stories and laugh with them.

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