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Give thanks and raise a glass.

November 14, 2011

Awhile back, I mentioned that I wanted to host a wine tasting in a Google+ Hangout, so that anyone who was interested could sip some wine and share their thoughts about what they were tasting.

Well, the big day is going to be this Sunday, Nov. 20, at 4 p.m. ET.

I would like to discuss wines that would go great with fall food, especially the upcoming Thanksgiving dinner for those of you who live in the United States. By fall foods, I mean braised meats, stews, soups, roasts, root vegetables, all those wonderful dishes that take hours to prepare so that the house can warm up while the oven is doing its thing. In the case of Thanksgiving, it’s all that brown stuff that fills the table: turkey, stuffing, gravy, breads, as well as a few earthy dishes, from sweet potatoes to five-fat mashed potatoes. (Don’t know the latter? We’ll be discussing these beauties in the session.)

Wine is a great way to bring people together, so let’s have some fun and enjoy each other’s company for an hour or so.

All you have to do is associate with me, John Griffin, on Google+ in advance and I’ll make sure you have access to the hangout. Bring a glass or bottle of your favorite wine, from a sweet Riesling to a dry red Zinfandel. We’ll introduce ourselves and what we’re pouring for the afternoon, and then we’ll talk about what we enjoy about wine.

It won’t be pretentious or snooty. The wine you bring doesn’t have to be expensive. (On a holiday, when you’re pouring multiple bottles, it’s actually better to have more affordable choices, anyway.)

Wine is too good to leave to the snobs.

So, let’s party on Sunday afternoon.


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  1. This is really exciting and I hope I can make it this sunday. Is it ok if I bring Whiskey? haha

  2. You can bring whatever you’d like. beer works, too. Hope to see you there.

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